Get some quick answers.

Do you deliver the training remotely or in person?

I can do either. I am happy to fit in with what works best for you and your team’s requirements.

I’m an entrepreneur, will you work with me?

Yes of course. I find that entrepreneurs and business owners can greatly benefit from improving their networking capabilities. Having a strong network is a huge asset to an entrepreneur as they grow and develop their business.

How long does training take?

It completely depends on what you want to achieve as an organisation whether that can be achieved in a morning session or over a period of time.

Can I contact you after the course?

Yes. I am always happy to look at working with attendees on an ongoing basis and I follow up with everyone to ensure they are successfully implementing their networking strategy.

My company needs specific training for certain team members. Can you accommodate that?

Yes certainly and I am completely flexible in how I work with your organisation. I will initially have a conversation with you to work out what issues need to be addressed then, assuming it’s something I can help with, I will suggest a tailored approach to help meet your needs.

Do you specialise in any particular sectors?

I generally work with professional services, investment, advisory firms and high level sales teams within organisations. However, I also have experience within technology, SaaS and agency sectors.