Business development facilitation

Creating and nurturing business development activity within your organisation

The problem

Business development and networking activities within professional services firms, investment houses and financial institutions can quite often sit with partners or otherwise, senior management.

Should an ambitious organisation want to encourage and galvanise business development efforts across the wider firm - perhaps within second tier management or specific teams - they might face some particular challenges.

  • Planning and devising a business development and networking strategy
  • Having a clear targeting plan for both advisory/referral contacts and direct prospects
  • Coordinating efforts across the team to ensure for a joined up and cohesive approach
  • Identifying a target but then taking some action to make contact
  • Balancing research with actual doing
  • Not falling into the trap of endless meetings - whether external or internal - with no results in sight
  • Tracking and understanding team progress
  • Starting and then keeping momentum across the team;
  • Confidence issues and networking ability throttling progress.

How I can help

I can work with your firm, on an ongoing basis, to:

  • Identify and plan a strategy to help your team:
    • Develop their network
    • Improve their confidence and networking skills
    • Gain trusted advisor status;
    • Deliver more results (whether that be income, opportunities or other outcomes).
  • Create and execute a targeting strategy across your relevant stakeholders including; direct prospects, third party advisors, and any other third parties who can potentially facilitate desired outcomes
  • Build confidence and networking ability
  • Chair or otherwise facilitate regular, internal business development groups in which we can:
    • Address any training requirements
    • Discuss progress
    • Update targets
    • Share ideas and intel;
    • Brainstorm new approaches and potential angles.
  • Help members of the team build their networks, develop trusted advisor status and fundamentally to deliver more opportunities to the organisation.

Which types of firms can I work with?

I generally work across professional services firms, venture capital/private equity, banking and financial services. Although this is not mutually exclusive and I have experience across technology, ecommerce and agency sectors in particular.

Next steps

Please feel free to contact me for a discussion as to how I might be able to help. You can call me on 07703 786 888, connect on LinkedIn or via the contact links below.

Would you like to find out more?

Drop me an email or book a call, for a discussion so you can find out more and explore how I might be able to help.