Bespoke training

Business networking training to meet your requirements

What can I do?

  • Develop an understanding of your specific requirements and then deliver a bespoke training program to your team
  • Work with your team to help them in creating their own networks, to understand how to leverage them and generate more business for your firm
  • Help your team gain trusted advisor status;
  • Improve confidence, proactiveness and results from your firm's networking activities.

What sort of problems can I help address?

  • Professional services firms who want to improve the ability of their team to generate opportunities from networking activities

  • Teams who are undertaking business development activities but delivering little in the way of results

  • Teams comprising young or less networked individuals who require assistance in building confidence and creating networks;

  • Firms who want to improve the ability of second tier management to source and win work.

What subject areas do I cover?

I can help teams on a number of areas including:

  • Understanding your own challenges and devising a plan to start making immediate changes and keep up the momentum
  • How to go about achieving trusted advisor status
  • Going into networking with the right mindset to help ensure you spot more opportunities, identify longer term value and become more innovative in your approach
  • Improving team collaboration on business development and networking efforts
  • Using creative and innovative methods to develop your network
  • How to effectively reach out to new contacts, completely cold
  • Getting in front of the upper management and founders within a business
  • How to create your own ecosystem of contacts that creates new business and additional contacts over time
  • Developing and nurturing referral networks
  • Creating and evolving your own personal brand
  • Utilising LinkedIn as part of your networking strategy
  • Improving and focusing your targeting
  • How to network better at events
  • Closing, discarding and keeping contacts warm;
  • Developing an understanding of the small nuances that will help separate you out from the rest.

Some commonly asked questions..

How is the training delivered?
I can deliver training at your premises, remotely or at a venue of your choice

Do you work nationwide?
Yes. I work with companies all over the UK and I'm happy to work with international clients

How long will you work with us for?
I am completely flexible as to how long I work with you, whether that be for a day / half-day or on an ongoing basis

How do we go about engaging with you?
In the first instance I need to gain an understanding of your business development needs and can then tailor an approach to meet your specific requirements

Next steps

If you would like to explore how I can help you then please contact me via the contact links below or call me on 07703 786 888. I am also on LinkedIn.

Would you like to find out more?

Drop me an email or book a call so you can find out more and explore how I might be able to help.